About Me


It was in my garage, Cascais, that I started making the first pieces. But what was a hobby to me which raised a lot of curiosity to those who passed near my garage.

The curiosity of the look quickly became a list of orders, not only by those who passed by my house but also by my friends who visited my house and saw the pieces exposed.

The "pieces of the Xana" quickly went from a hobby activity to a passion of all the time, the Boarotto Officina.

"Art is something personal, something that is in your head and passes into the play through your hands."

Decoration Items

It is from the beach that comes most of the materials I use in my parts.

The sea is my main supplier. Woods, fishermen's buoys, barrels, hooks and other objects left behind...

I also reuse materials that would go to waste such as combs, steel brushes, woods, hinges, sandpaper and washers.

All materials are treated, the wood is cut and sanded by hand and then ... is to give wings to the Imagination. 

Nature is the greatest art there is

My respect for nature is in every project I do. I use what some would consider it as a waste and make it art. Every year millions of tons of garbage are collected from our beaches and that's where many materials come from that I use to produce my pieces, such as wood and hooks. In addition, I use paints made from water and emit 90% less polluting gases to the environment. They have the same quality, but they give a special taste!